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Void Research Office

Dear you,
To contribute to our investigation of « Void(s) », please answer the following questions, and send your
document to the address : . You don’t necessarly need to answer in English.

The VRO is grateful for your participation.

*How would you create a void?
**If you practice meditation, do you consider it as a void experience?
***Have you ever found a void in the Berlin-Kolleg area?
****Do you remember of a void you felt/noticed? Please write/draw your experience.
Fill the folowing characteristic list :
Degree of nothing :
Size :
Format :
Texture :
Density of activity :
Species present on site :
Time :
date :

*****When you felt a void somewhere (inside, outside), do you remember how your feeling started? (for example, with an interrogation, a question?) What did you feel or noticed just before thinking « this is a void »?
******Have you ever wanted to fill/add something to/transform a void ? Do you enjoy a void as an almost empty space?